Welcome to Kiakiasales, the biggest, easiest and secured online market place in nigeria where you get more for less!


This is the page where you actually get to know more about us.

Kiakiasales is an e-shop designed to meet the demands of our fast growing lifestyle and world of today…

We like to think we are more than just an online retail store, as our service ranges from providing much needed items for our customers to connecting them with service providers like tailors, automobile engineers, graphics designers e.t.c, and also helping many out there without jobs earn online by providing opportunity for them to sell goods online even without having a phsyical retail shop when they simply register as a dropshipper.

At Kiakia Sales, we have a team of committed, enthusiastic and innovative personals who are readily available to tend to the needs of our customers,  vendors and drop-shippers as well as working on different ways to provide our customers a safe and user friendly platform that will deliver their needs promptly and efficiently.


Our Vision…

To offer our customers a safe and effective way to get their favorite items online at a very affordable price.

Our Mission…

To offer our vendors a safe and easy platform to sell their goods and services at almost zero cost.


With our online solution…

  • You stay at home and go about your business with ease.
  • You don’t need to stress yourself looking for parking slot, or stay in long cues just to buy items you need!
  • With online shopping, no makeup, nothing to wear, not a problem!

Enjoy cheap and even free delivery on selected items…


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Phone:  0807 246 4481, 0702 505 3374, 0701 736 9664

Address: No. 1 Enorense Ehanire Avenue,  off ugbor road,  G.R.A Benin City,  Edo State, Nigeria.

Email: info@kiakiasales.com